Essay over the Cold War

How has the ninth edition been updated?
In this updated edition, certain chapters have in added in light of the attacks of September 11, 2001. There was a chapter added on the foreign policies of Clinton and Yelstin-Putin also, an introduction to the beginnings of George W. Bush's foreign policies. Some of the new chapters touched on the technology revolution that the world has undertaken. Also, included in the chapters was recent scholarship and materials information that was taken from the opening of archives from the U.S., Soviets, and Chinese. Statements that were important at the time of the unrevised book were cut out of the revised version. Basically, the book has been revised to show how the world has changed since Sept. 11, 2001 by focusing on reasons for terrorism, changes in Islamic world that prioritize U.S. policy making, and U.S. response which has an affect on other nations.
Why does the author claim that there has been a history of hostility between the United States and Russia? Explain in a long paragraph and provide specific examples.
The author claims that there has been a history of hostility between the U.S. and Russia byfirst clearing up that the conflict really didn't begin in 1945 nor, was the hostility a result of the 1917 communist victory in Russia. The author stated, "The two powers did not initially come into conflict because one was communist and the other capitalist. Rather, theyfirst confronted each other on the plains of north China and Manchuria in the late nineteenth century." (1) The Author backs up the above quote with the statement, "Until that confrontation the two nations had been good friends." (1) It was inevitable the U.S. and Russia sides would meet since the U.S. had been expanding west and Russia had been expanding east. Also, both empires were run differently. The American empire decentralized and comprised of states that could govern themselves with…

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