Tactics Pinch is a complex character, Often portrayed as a figure of isolation, wifeless and alone in his conquest to fight against prejudice Within Macomb, Within this essay Will take a closer kick at he character of Tactics Finch, and whether he truly is the hero that Scout and Jeer want him to be. RELISHES+HERO It is clear from the Off that Tactics Pinch, unlike many figures throughout Macomb county, fathers his children, not through violence or sporadic beatings, but through the medium of education.

As a lone parent Tactics often gives the appearance of being isolated and even distant from his children. And it is quite fair to say he raises them with a hands off approach, indeed Scout describes her father as treating herself and Gem with ‘courteous detachment. The way in which Scout and Gem view their ‘feeble’ father changes through the book.

Whilst clearly, they always respected their father and his occasional words of wisdom, it could be argued that they were never fully engaged with him and often wished he was like other dads, indeed Scout even bemoaned her fathers boring little claiming Our father didn’t do anything. ‘ The fact that scout thought of her father really gaslights the fact that in Macomb county, physical acts of manly strength were recognizes like ‘farm, or working in a garage’, indeed Scouts criticize of her father goes deeper with ere describing his wearing of glasses as a weakness.

This whole description of Tactics is riddled with irony, as Tactics is the only one in Macomb County that is indeed doing anything of significance, and the fact that he spends his time inside reading, is not admired or even respected by his children, as they, like the rest Of Macomb county are fixed upon generalizations of a good father being a sporty, physical, hard labouringly man. Working on a court case that could be the Start Of the liberation of Macomb county is not recognizes.

One could argue that Tactics only truly won the respect Of his children, when he shot down the mad dog. Scouts opinion is drastically changed, however, when Tim Johnson, an old dog, turns up, walking down the street towards the Finch’s house. It is immediately obvious that Tim is not healthy, and it soon becomes apparent that he is in fact rabid, and thus highly dangerous. And although initially unwilling, Tactics realizes his duty to his community, and shoots the mad dog.

Maude Atkinson later tells Scout and Gem that Tactics was once ‘the deadest shot in Macomb County. ‘ The children are shocked that their seemingly boring and non-violent ether was actually a great marksman, and in a rather bemusing way tactics becomes a hero for his children, not for his intellect or kindness, but for this act to violence The incident involving Tim Johnson is a powerful symbol tort one of the key themes in To Kill a Mockingbird. The mad dog has become mindless, uncontrollable and dangerous, so it is necessary to shoot it.

Tactics is the only one who steps up to confront the mad dog, foreshadowing how he is also the only one who stands up against prejudice as shown later in the book by his brave defense of the innocent Tom Robinson in the face off bigoted jury. This highlights Attic’s isolation within the county, it is him, and him alone that has to shoot the mad dog, and Whilst this temporarily makes him a ‘hero’ figure, it is also him on his lonesome that has to shoot down prejudice. PERFECT SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN In Tactics Finch, author Harper Lee has created the imperfect liberal Southern gentleman.

His faults are few, and he is role model not only for his children, but also for the townspeople Of Macomb. Most Of the citizens recognize this: Tactics is elected each term without opposition as Macomb’s representative to the Alabama legislature. He is the attorney the people turn to when they are in need of legal aid, and Tactics accepts compensation in any manner whenever his clients can afford to pay, for example when the Cunningham pay him in kind. Hey pays the utmost respect to Mrs. Dubos despite her horrible profanities towards him, he addresses Malleable Lowell, the lowest of all in Macomb county as ‘Mrs.’.

Indeed , in the court scene, male accuses tactics to ‘minima’ and Miss Millinery’ . The irony here is that Male Lowell feels insulted because she has never been treated politely by anyone, and eels patronized that tactics is talking to her in such a formal manner, when in reality all this shows is the cruel cold world of the Lowell household, No one in the county respects male, no one would think of addressing her as ‘Mrs.’ or ‘ma’am’ other than Tactics, the perfect southern gentleman.

Tactics is color- blind when it comes to the races, and he treats people that he meets on the streets just as he would in his home. He teaches the children about how real courage is not “a man with a gun in his hand. ” Ashamed of his own ability as a marksman and uneasy with his children’s desire to use a gun, Tactics refuses o divulge his secret about once being known as “One-shot” Finch. Despite his busy schedule, Tactics always finds time to read to Scout each evening.

He shows necessary restraint when he refuses to fight Bob Lowell after being spit upon, and he never fails to act as a gentleman, even in front Of the very worst of Macomb county. FAILURE However Tactics has some flaws. He possibly subjects his children to risks that could have been avoided, For example Bob Lowell would have not attacked them if their father was not representing Tom. Indeed tactics underestimated bob eels threat, which almost resulted in the death of Jean, And indeed it must be remembered, that despite his best efforts he didn’t succeed in his case.

Tom Robinson, an innocent man, died because of his failure as a lawyer, Yes he may of took a ‘baby step’ as Mrs. Maude likes to say, but is that good enough? Tactics put the lives of his children in jeopardy, ruined his professional reputation, isolated himself within the community, and for what? For a baby step? Whilst tactics is considered a hero and a perfect southern gentleman, and idol for his children, it must be questioned: is attic-us a failure?

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