What we did in thefirst lab was we used starch to see how an enzyme worked. When we combined the two, using iodine, starch was present at the beginning because it turned purple when they are mixed. But as we progressed with adding drops of the starch/amylase mixture, slowly, the purple began to disappear meaning starch was not present. Thus the enzyme broke down the starch. In the second lab we tested to see how enzymes react to varying pH levels. We did this by mixing 1 of 3 substances of choice with 12 ml of the amylase solution and 10 ml of starch solution. Then we used a pipet to add drop of the mixture to a drop of iodine in the spot plate. We then could understand if the enzyme was denatured meaning the starch was still present (purple) or if the enzyme broke it down (not purple). From there, we realized how substances with extreme pH levels denature enzymes. Our hypothesis was correct for both labs in that the enzyme would break down the starch and the bleach, lye and vinegar would denature the enzyme (we did experiment with lye incorrectly, we finally found out that we forgot to add starch). A mistake that could have been made during the lab was if you wait too long for to add drops of the mixture to the iodine when you were testing for how the enzyme breaks down the starch. Then you won't be able to recognize how the enzyme actually breaks down the starch and the drops in the spot plate will be yellow with no purple in them (no starch). Another mistake that could have been made in either of the labs was if you forget to add starch to the mixture like we did. Then your results will simply make no sense. This lab relates to what we have been learning in class because it clearly portrays how enzymes break things down and how they can be denatured so they cannot act anymore. This lab also relates to our everyday lives because as we eat food our body must do something with the food, and this is where the enzymes come in. The…

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