Enzymes are essential to body function. These specialized proteins work as catalysts, speeding up the chemical reactions in the body, but are not consumed by the reaction in which they assist. Enzymes, while efficient in catalyzing reactions do have limitations. They are only able to function within certain parameters. Changes in pH, temperature, salinity, pressure, and osmolarity all can denature enzymes rendering them inactive. Enzymes can also be effected by presence of other chemicals and other enzymes. Enzymes are not consumed within reactions but are frequently damaged or injured. Without enzymes life can not exist, so it is important that enzymes find a way to regenerate. This is done through the process of enzyme genesis.A process beginning with a signal from the brain and ending with the movement across the membrane.
Nothing is invincible everything has its limitations and enzymes are no exception. The environment in which they live effects their function. pH and temperature both effect enzyme function. The rate of the reaction will increase as the temperature rises until it reaches 40° C. At this point the enzyme denature or looses it three dimensional shape and can no longer function. The pH of the solution, which is surrounding the enzyme also, affects its function. The structure of an enzyme is affected by the positively (basic) and negatively (acidic) charged Amino acids. When the pH changes the charges change and so does the shape of the enzyme. Each enzyme has its own individual optimal pH. For example Pepsin, a digestive enzyme in the stomach acts at a very low pH around 2-3. While Amylase a salivary enzyme works at around a pH of 7.Enzymes are also effected by the presence of other chemicals. For example, Cyanide, a poisonous salt, interferes with the enzymes of the respiratory system damaging the cells and halting the processes of energy release. Other parameters that affect enzymes include osmolarity, salini…

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