Without some assistance, most chemical reactions within cells would occur too slowly.Catalysts speed up chemical reactions.Enzymes are specialized protein molecules that act as catalysts in living cells.Each enzyme acts upon a specific substance, or substrate.
The main objective of this exercise was to illustrate some of the characteristics of enzymatic reactions and to follow the course of a chemical reaction.From the experimental results once could explain how a chemical reaction can be detected by the appearance of a pigmented product or could explain one way in which a chemical reaction can be detected by the disappearance of a reactant.
The materials used were catechol, catecholase, water, colorimeter test tubes, colorimeter and a vortex mixer.
In part I, a demo was performed using catecholase, enzyme prep and 0.5% catechol.The three ingredients were shaken in a test tube (aeration) to add oxygen to the reaction.The demo was performed a second time with a reducing agent.
In part II, 0.5mL of enzyme prep and 4.5mL of water was placed in a colorimeter tube and used as the colorimeter control tube.Then 4.0mL of distilled water was added to 0.5mL of 0.5% catechol and 0.5mL of enzyme prep was added.The vortex mixer was used to stir the contents.Absorbance readings were recorded every 20 seconds.Between readings the contents were aerated.
In part III, dilutions were prepared with various concentrations of catechol (1/2,1/4,1/8,1/16). Each reaction was measured every 2 minutes.
In part I, the demo, a chemical reaction took place because a brown pigment was produced.The second time the demo was performed with a reducing agent and a chemical reaction did not occur because there was no color change.
In part II, the absorbance increased with time.At the end of the 5 minutes the color was the darkest.
In part III, the undiluted had the lowest absorbance.The ? dilution was .327 and the ? decrea…

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