A)The chemical structure of an enzyme is set up so that it will only fit with one or two substrates.Almost 2000 different enzymes have been identified and each one catalyzes a different reactions.Enzymes generally have one active site where the substrate can bind, but allosteric enzymes have two or more separate binding sites.Having too or more binding sites makes their activity quicker.Catalytic activity is also effected by the temperature, ph, and concentration of the substrate.
B)An increase of temperature will increase the activity of the enzymes.But after a certain temperature the proteins will denature and the enzyme will no longer function.To demonstrate the effects of temperature on the activity of an enzyme you can preform a simple experiment. Take some liver and put it in someH2O2 solution.You will observe fizzing, this is because of the presence of catalase.Now boil the liver and try it again, you should observe nothing.This is because the high temperature denatured the protein, and made the catalase ineffective.
C) From the above experiment you can infer that an enzyme is a complex structure that will change shape when exposed to too much heat.


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