Enzyme Coursework

Enzyme Coursework
Aim: In this experiment I hope to try and find the effect of surface area of Enzyme on the rate of an Enzyme controlled reaction.

Enzymes have a globular structure and are formed of various different proteins which are constructed from amino acids. These contain residual chains. The amino acids are arranged in single chains connected by peptide bonds. The chains are moulded into a 3d shape. Enzymes are a catalyst in chemical reactions. A catalyst is a reactant in a chemical reaction that increases the rate at which the reaction occurs by lowering the activation energy required for a reaction to take place, however the enzymes remain unchanged.

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Preliminary Apparatus
– Boiling tube
– Delivery tube
– Boiling tube rack
– Potato (white English Nadine Yorkshire, grown in 2005)
– 9mm diameter corer
– Scalpel
– Tile
– Stop watch
– 2x25ml measuring cylinders
– Ruler
– 20vol Hydrogen Peroxide
– Water container
– Clamp and Stand

– Collect all equipment.
– Set up apparatus as shown in diagram 1.
– Measure out 8cm3 of Hydrogen Peroxide into boiling tube.
– Fill trough half full with water.
– Fill measuring cylinder with water and hold upside down in water trough.
– Place one end of delivery tube in measuring cylinder, making sure the end with the bung is left out to place over boiling tube.
– Now the delivery tube is set up in the correct position to collect the oxygen gas, you can now use the corer to cut out a piece of potato (this equipment is set up before experiment starts to stop gas escaping)….

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