Environmental Solutions

I once saw an artist in New York paint the word: Possibility in large, blue letters on a brick wall. At the time, I'm not sure I understood the significance or the meaning of the work. But now, reflecting on what it meant, I think the artist meant to say that he could have painted anything on that wall, but it is the possibility of what could be, or what could have been that intrigues the mind. I think this idea relates to Bill Mckibben's vision of a world that sustains itself, If you think about what he asks people to start doing. Mckibben's formula for a he calls it, "living lightly on the earth" is simple. People have to change.
Mckibben says on thefirst page of Hope, Human and Wild that he tries to imagine a world where people aren't so wasteful and consume much less. His argument is that we have to restrain ourselves in how much we consume and want. This is not an easy task in our society of buying in bulk and high speed internet, however that is another topic entirely. Mckibben hopes for a future where we limit our pollution and help to rebuild the damage we've already done. He uses examples of Curitiba and Kerala to illustrate his point of how people can contribute more to the environment around them. One of Mckibben's biggest points is how we have to be more efficient in how we live.
"Their lessons are mainly about learning to do with less, or at least with different – with buses instead of cars, with community instead of splendid suburban independence, with preventive health care instead of high-tech medicine, with creativity instead of big budgets, with sharing instead of individual accumulation." (54) Mckibben is talking about Curitiba and Kerala as exceptions in the case of efficiency as something lacking in today's society. He also explains many ways to achieve this. However, this is not an easy task to achieve. In theory, Mckibben's view of a more effici…

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