Environmental Regulations not cheap

In Shankar Gupta's article, “Environmental Regulations not Cheap,” he argues that further action taken by environmentalist causes, burden business activity, family incomes, developing countries, and also that there is no feasible way to enforce global laws to protect the environment.
Well, I agree with those statements, and I believe that there is truth to what he is saying. However, I simply view the matter differently than Mr. Gupta. I believe that the opportunity costs you give up now to protect the environment, are well worth the reward of having future resources, and a healthy environment in which to live.
I was taken back by how little the government spends on the environment, considering our GDP, and I do not believe that 263 billion dollars in projected costs to American business for the environment is the issue that has most importance. Since Mr. Gupta is concerned about the future of the parties affected by environmental regulation, it is important to think of the future itself. To think of environmental regulations as hindering business is a very backwards way of viewing the world for the existence of human-kind in the long run. I myself, view the activities of businesses as jeopardizing the environment, not the other way around. It is obvious in our country that businesses are profiting very well, our economy continually grows stronger, and it is the environment that is deteriorating. I am not attacking the motive to profit, or our system of operating, but I do not understand why people do not just know they are out of line when they see the effects in the rivers, oceans, and air. Simple regulation would seem to me as the very least that could be expected from the government, representing the people who have to breath, and use our water sources.
It may be true that externalities affect third parties with lowered salaries to workers, and raised prices to consumers, but it's a question o

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