If I had a choice to invent anything I wanted I would create an entropy machine of some sort. Even though the invention would inconsequently break the most ironclad law in science thefirst and second law of energy. The entropy machine would turn low quality energy into a higher quality energy source.
Entropy means disorder of energy, which is basically heat, which is a by-product of organisms and human made machines. Low entropy cannot be used. Without high quality energy life doesn't exist because even our bodies use constant high quality energy and emits it back out as heat and waste matter. And the high entropy is not indefinite it will run out no one knows when though, but with the invention of the entropy machine life would keep Operating in all the universe. Though by doing this it breaks the law of energy, which says that all physical or chemical reactions energy is neither created nor destroyed may be converted. The ultimate destination of energy is disorder (low entropy)
We cannot get more energy than the efforts we put in to get that energy can't get something for nothing and you can't even break even because it takes more high quality energy to turn something to a more useful form like getting electricity for example. If the high quality energy is all used up life will slowly fade from the universe. That's one reason I would make this particular kind of machine so life would never be extinguished in the universe.
The entropy machine after collecting the useless energy would then turn it into fossil fuel or some other needed energy that is running low, the energy from the machine whether fossil fuel or whatever would produce no pollution. Taking some of this disorderly energy from space or the earth would not affect the biosphere we live in. The entropy machine would also help to choke off the appalling amount of pollution that affects this planet. The only bad thing or slight nuisance is that the…

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