The procedures that I had the opportunity to watch in the Endoscopy department were:Bone marrow aspiration and Colonoscopy.The impression I had before about bone marrow aspiration was that this procedure is one of the most painful I have seen in my experience working in hospital.But after this one, I believe that bone marrow aspiration doesn't have to be painful, if the patient is well sedated and pain is under control.Then for the colonoscopy I watched, the patient was well sedated and in any moment he showed any discomfort.
I am going to start by describing the bone marrow aspiration.This procedure was performed to a seventeen year-old Caucasian male, who was admitted to the hospital with complain of lower GI pain.In the lab work performed on him, the platelets count result was lower than normal, so the doctor order BMA to find out was is going on, since the patient denies any hematologic problem in the past. The procedure was performed in the posterior superior iliac spine, which is the preferred site.The site of puncture was cleansed with betadine solution, and a local anesthetic was given at the area.Also, the patient was on conscious sedation med with Versed 2mg and 3 minutes later 1mg was given, total of 3mg of Versed.Demerol 75mg for pain was given. Then, a thin aspiration needle was inserted, and a small sample of the bone marrow fluid was withdrawn.The fluid was placed in a three different lab tubes for examination. There may be some risk for bleeding at the puncture site; the patient had to stay in bed for two hours.The incision site was covered with 4X4 gauze and taped. This test is used to diagnose leukemia and other disorders that affect the blood.It may help determine if cancer is metastasized.It is also helpful in diagnosing some types of anemia and infections.For this procedure no special preparation is necessary, but it is recommended to skip the meal before the procedu

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