Endangered Wild Life

Since the beginning of man there has also been wildlife.There are the animals, the wild plants and also the ocean creatures.For thousands of years animals have made almost every inch of earth their home.Now that man has exceedingly populated, the numbers of animals have dropped drastically.There are vast varieties of species that have become extinct and others that are in the same path.Animals are not alone in this, but also wild plants, and water living creatures that are becoming rarer in these times.Not only in the Unite States is this happening, but all over the world, thousands of species are being dismembered everyday.The earth has become less attractive, because everyday wildlife is decreasing.The lack of wildlife has not only destroyed animals' lives but also humans as well.
We have seen extinction from its very beginning by viewing the bones of the dinosaurs.Extinction has had a slow rate in the last centuries, but now extinction has quickly risen.This process of extinction can now either happen by human activity or by nature's process.In the last 200 years The United States has lost more birds than any other area of its comparable size (Greenway 35).A great example is the red-cockaded, which needs wood that is sixty to seventy years or older to make a home (Campbell 37). About twenty percent of the worlds freshwater fish species are either extinct or in state of dangerous incline (Stalcup 19).Birds are just one example out of many animals that are being threatened with extinction.Other animals such as rhinos, bears and tigers face the dangerous fear of extinction as well.Panda bear's reproductive success is extremely low in the wild (Ward and Kynaston 48).The majority of the losses of these animals have been by habitat loss.Six out of the eight bear species are considered to be dangerous (Kynaston 153).In Africa, rhinoceroses face their worst enemy which is man on an ev…

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