Endangered Species

There are many different species of animals and plants that are endangered.Most endangerment is due to human environment interaction. Hunting is a major cause, as well as the loss of habitat.
The tiger is an endangered species. The current population of the tiger is about 7,700 (wwf tigers). Their reason for declining is because of their loss of habitat. The tiger lives in tropical rainforest, evergreen forests, mangrove swamps, grasslands and rocky country. The tiger now only lives in pockets of its former range mainly due to the destruction of its habitat (wwf tigers). Another reason for their decline is because of deliberate poisoning by farmers as they are considered a threat to livestock. Poaching and hunting: often for trading of their skins and bones, blood and other body parts traditionally thought to have medicinal properties (wwf tigers).
Another animal that is endangered is the AfricanElephant. The African Elephant lives in almost all climates including savannah, rain forests, swamps, deserts, seashores, and high mountains (wwf elephants). There are no recent estimates on the number of the population but in a study done in 1990 the estimated population was610,000 (wwf elephants). The reason for their decline is because of the demand of ivory and because of
The demand of ivory, and because of the growth in human population (wwf elephants).

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