Elian Gonzalez1

Emotions run high and opinions run irrational when it comes to the custody status of Elian Gonzalez. Many people insist that Elian will live a miserable life in Cuba because little Elian will not have the freedom that America allows it's citizens. Yet at the when these voices, including Elian's South Florida family, demand freedom for little Elian, they kidnap Elian from the love and parental guidance Elian's father, Juan Miguel, provides. The honor and love felt for Elian from his family in South Florida is strong, well meaning and honest but blind. While they forge ahead trying to make Elian an American citizen, they do not see the horrible harm they would cause this child by deny Juan Miguel to have his son. Not only is Elian's South Florida family blind but they are also ignorant of the laws placed there to protect the child they profess they care so much about. It is not only necessary that Elian Gonzalez returns to Cuba before he suffers more emotional and mental scaring, but is essential to the essence of the Immigration and Naturalization Service that Elian is sent back to Cuba.
On January 5, 2000, " The INS decides that Juan Miguel Gonzalez, Elian's father, is the one that will speak for Elian. This means that Elian's father will make that decision as to whether he will be returned to Cuba." ("Timeline" 9) .It is impossible to misunderstand what the INS meant by that decision. INS plainly said that Juan Miguel was the only voice in deciding whether Elian was to leave the U.S. or stay in the U.S. That decision was made two and half months ago and since Juan Miguel stated before and still states that he wants Elian home in Cuba, Elian should have been home in Cuba a long time ago. On March 23, 2000 "… The INS sends a letter to Kendall Coffey, the attorney for Elian's Miami family. In the letter, the INS gave the attorney two choices and set a deadline of tomorrow

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