Electro Magnetic Waves

All objects in our universe give off light, or electro-magnetic radiation.The particle of light is called the Photon.It is characteristics of both a wave and a particle.Photons are characterized by their energy and their wavelength, or their frequency.
Light can be thought of as a wave which travels at a certain velocity.The velocity of light.Like an ocean wave, or a sound wave, the light waves can change with time and place.The distance between crests is called the wavelength.
2. Produced by extreme energy, like Solar flares ant terrestrial lightning.They are produced by gas at temperatures near a billion degrees.They are dangerous to living things because they can penetrate tissue.
3. Wavelengths are less than 0.01 nm
1. Also have high energy, and penetrating radiation.
2. Penetrate soft tissue, but are stopped by minerals in bone.
3. Produced by gas with temps of 1-100 million degrees,
4. X-rays and Gamma rays do not penetrate the Earths Atmosphere
1. Generated by gas with temp above 1000.
2. Most UV light is absorbed by the atmospheric ozone, but some penetrates and causes sunburn
3. Used in laboratories to mutate cells
1. Penetrates the atmosphere and can be seen with our eyes
White light is a mixture of all colors.Blue light has a short wave length and red light has long wavelengths
2. Some penetrates the atmosphere.Can be felt as heat.
1. Atmosphere is transparent to radio waves.

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