Election of 2000

Bill Clinton, as a president was a major paradox in and of himself. People loved him, yet they hated him.Americans, as a whole loved the prosperity, and capitalist growth that was brought by Clinton's years in the Oval Office.They loved the stocks ownership, the money, the way our country was flourishing.Clinton was very good at what he did-soothing lines drawn between parties, even going so far as to sign a Republican-sponsored welfare bill.He moved the country from right to left, and back again.Clinton was a talented politician, yet he missed the opportunity to be an exceptional president.The biggest paradox may be Clinton becoming the focal point for the revival of ideological politics; people wanted the government to be a friend, not an enemy, whilst many people saw Clinton as the flailed president. Clinton did a lot of good, but he also made many mistakes, that made many people see him as a failed president.For every American that liked Clinton, one didn't.Many of those who didn't see eye-to-eye with him were the uneducated, rural white males.Moreover, this then, sets the stage for the 2000 election.
Clinton's vice president; Al Gore had the best shot at winning the democratic presidential nomination simply for being vice-president.Whatever the reason, being the vice president seems to be one of the single most advantages when running for president.Not only did Gore have connections with powerful democrats; he had Clinton backing him.Gore was in the public's eye as vice-president, and people generally agreed that he had been an excellent vice president.Gore was also favored by democrats at a high rate of 73% of the American public.
Just as Gore became the Democratic favorite, Bush soon became the Republican favorite, largely due to a famous name, a remarkable network of sup

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