Eisntein and Religion

Thinking about religion can often be a complex task.The same can be said about science.I think that in his Ideas and Opinions Albert Einstein does both effectively.After reading the selections on religion I was delighted to find someone who thought of religion in terms of logic.I also enjoyed Einstein's use of rational thinking to interpret the facts about religion.My interpretation of Einstein's views on religion is that he was correct in his thinking.I agree wholeheartedly with the majority of his opinions and ideas about religion.After reading the selections on religion I also felt that Einstein had not only given his opinion but had also said some profound truths about religion and science.
Thefirst idea that enlightened me from this section of Einstein was the idea that the primitive form of religion was bred of fear, "Fear that evokes religious notions" (Einstein 36).I think that many times when religion is discussed, it is always discussed with the preconceived notions of the time and is rarely examined from its roots in history.Leave it to a scientist to look at religion rationally instead of emotionally.This examination of religion appeals to me most.I agree with his examination of the different types of religious feeling, from fear to moral, and then on to the cosmic.It is this cosmic or the undefined feeling that I find to be most eloquently expressed.He takes an abstract thought and places it into a logical and rational station.This is amazing.Mostly because I can see his thought patterns and understand how he came up with his great theories that were so abstract and had the genius to put them into rational terms.I personally feel a great deal of thought is lost because it is not put in terms that are rational enough, a common occurrence in intellectual thought.
The next idea of Einstein's that I found thought provoking was his assertion that "S

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