Effects of the Ebola Virus

Throughout history a variety of deadly diseases have threatened mankind.Many diseases have the capability to spread fast and rapidly kill people.But with modern advances in medicine, man had defeated most of these deadly diseases and thought the threat was over.However, a shockingly new and deadly disease caused by the Ebola virus has challenged the medical community.The medical researchers of today cannot find a cure or vaccine to halt the spread of this pathogenic disease.The Ebola virus is a definite threat to mankind, and its symptoms have a devastating effect on the human body.
The most recent outbreaks of Ebola were very deadly because the Ebola virus is a new disease.The initial outbreak was of an unknown origin in Zaire, Africa, during the year 1976.The medical community was unsure of how to handle Ebola, since it was thefirst recorded outbreak.Thisfirst outbreak in Zaire was followed by a second outbreak in western Sudan, also during the year 1976.In total, 340 people died from Ebola out of the 550 cases that were identified in these two nations (“Ebola History” N.pag.).Ebola was discovered again in 1995 in Kikwit, Zaire, when a victim infected an entire surgical team.Those infected developed symptoms of viral Hemorrhagic Fever disease.There were approximately 233 deaths out of the 293 cases caused by Ebola in 1995 (“Ebola History” N.pag.).Each of the separate Ebola outbreaks have killed many people. Therefore, it is imperative that all people of the world take great precaution so that another outbreak does not occur.
The Ebola virus is a frightening disease.It is called Hemorrhagic Fever, which means it causes uncontrollable bleeding.When an outbreak occurs, it carries a 50% to 90% mortality rate (“Ebola Overview Virus” N.pag.).Ebola is a virus that travels in different organisms or hosts.The virus kills its present host while it tries to jump to a new host.When Ebola i…

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