Effective Personal and Organizational Communication

Communication via signaling and discussion is central to
organizational effectiveness.Understanding the concepts of communication,
however, is a two-fold process whereby understanding oneself and how
personal communication is conveyed is necessary for developing strategies
of communication within a group, as well as comprehending the communication
and goals of others.Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills in
communication are thus necessary for effective self and organizational
management for successful conflict resolution and optimal performance
Organizational management is facilitated by the use of behavioral
styles of conflict resolution, each method distinct when considering the
degree to which individual interests of the parties involved are preserved,
and the extent of concern each party has of the other’s interests.All
modes of communication and resolution styles can be utilized when in the
context of an appropriate situation, and include competition,
accommodation, collaboration, compromise, and avoidance.Whether in
personal situations or organizational employment, the ability to
communicate effectively through both verbal and nonverbal messaging is
necessary to resolve conflict, problem solve, and be productive.The
ability to problem-solve and communicate, concentrating on skill
development in networking, delegation, negotiation, persuasion, and
identification of the goals and interests within a group, has an overall
impact on performance outcomes.Often, to achieve optimal communication,
whether in the personal or organizational context, change must be
implemented.This requires a solid understanding of all factors related to
intrapersonal and interpersonal communication, and the ability to implement
Interpersonal communication within an organization, as in any real-
life situation, is based on verbal and non-verbal signaling between two or

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