Effect of Craving

They affect cravings, metabolism and your ability to maintain your weight. Here is how to make them work in your favor.
IT IS EASY TO BLAME THE OCCASIONAL mood swing or candy craving on your hormones. As your body master chemicals, they can have a profound effect on your emotions, appetite and metabolism. "A hormone's main job is to tell a particular organ, such as the stomach or brain, what to do", explains Dr. Lona Sandon, R.D., an assistant professor of clinical nutrition at the University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas and spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association."Depending on the circumstances, that can mean stimulating the need to eat or to be comforted. Both determine the foods you instinctively crave."
However, weight-loss specialists are still divided over how much impact your hormones actually have on your waistline; after all, you make the choice between fresh cherries and cherry Garcia. However, scientists say the following are the six weight-related areas in which hormones do play a definitive role. Knowing what they are, and how they affect you, can help ensure that your weight-loss plans stays on track.
The two main appetite-regulating hormones are insulin and glucagons, both of which are produced by your pancreas, an oblong gland that hovers above your liver. When you eat, your pancreas s pumps out insulin, which helps transport nutrients into your cells for use as energy. It also tempers your desire to eat.

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