Edge of Sight

I read this book in one day and one night because I couldn’t put it down. I was so disappointed when the Bullet Catchers ended since it was one of my favorite romantic suspense series, but I’m thrilled with the new series St. Claire has started with Edge of Sight. Zach Angelino doesn’t like his sister’s idea to start a security firm after he gets back from war, wounded. He got rejected by the Bullet Catchers because of his injury and he’s miserable. But then Samantha arrives at Vivi’s apartment, looking for help after she’s the only witness to a murder, and he has no choice but to help her — even though he’s got mixed feelings about her — they have a history. Then, they start to dig and find plenty of dirt, while a killer is getting closer to Samantha. All the while, they have to face their feelings for each other. It is so much fun! Those two simmered on every page, which is why I love this author. She makes the characters so real. They are heart wrenching! Especially the tortured hero. She makes it all so exciting, with a breakneck pace of action and danger. The romance had great tension, and really deep emotion. I enjoyed getting to know the new family and can see plenty of characters for future stars in the Guardian Angelino series. Can’t wait for more!

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