Ecotopia, a novel written by Ernest Callenbach in 1975, brings many new economically wonderful ideas to the minds of its readers. The ideas that are presented in this book are amazing, and allows its readers to think in an entirely new way of the world that surrounds us. Atfirst this book is slow and hard to get into, but as it continues, it begins to bring insight to your thoughts and your imagination runs wild with ideas of the way life could really be.
The main character is a man named William Weston. He is a middle-aged man from New York City. He is a reporter for the New York Times-Post. As the novel begins we learn that he has been assigned to a special six-week mission. He is to travel to a land called Ecotopia, and report on the living conditions and the way of live for the Ecotopians.
This sounds easy right? Well, not exactly. Ecotopia is not like any other nation on Earth. It was founded when northern California, Oregon and Washington separated from the United States to create their own union. A place that is economically perfect. William is thefirst American in twenty-years that has been allowed to enter into this territory. He does not realize the extent of what he is getting into when he agrees to this job assignment.
While William is on the airplane on his way to Ecotopia he begins to write hisfirst journal entry. In this entry he tells about his life. We learn that he a father and a husband. He writes how is becomes harder to say goodbye to the children as he leaves for assignments, however, then he states that even when he is around he sometimes neglects spend time with them. There is no reason to feel sorry for him after reading this. He also mentions a woman named Francine. This is not his wife, as we already learned that her name was Pat. This may be his mistress or possibly he is divorced to Pat and Francine is his new girlfriend. Callenbach, the author, makes this unclear.
After he gets off his plan…

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