Ecology lab report

An organism has several ways to avoid being prated upon. One way to avoid this is to practice crptis. Crypis is the action of organisms avoiding predation by blending in with their backgrounds and matching the color pattern of a bark, twigs or leaves. Palatable animals often utilize this strategy as well. Another type of defense is aposematism or warning coloratio. Organisms that produce noxious chemicals or accumalate them from food plants, advertise the fact that they are harmful with conspicous color patterns. Mimicry is the resemblence of an organism toward some other organism or an object inthe enviroment, evolved to decieve predators or prey into confuding the organism with that which it mimics. The prey involved within this experiment utilized mimisry as their defense stategy.
Batesia mimicry, Mullerian mimicry, and aggressive mimicry are all various forms of mimicry. Batesian mimicry is a resemblance of an unpalatable species (model) by an edible species (mimic) to decieve predators. Mullerian minicry is a mutual resemblance of two or more conspicuousyly marked upalatable species to enhance predator avoidance. Aggressive mimicry is a tactic that enables predators to avoid being detected by their prey or even to attract prey. The type of mimicry that was utilized within this experiment is Batesian mimicry.
The purpose of thsi experiment is to observe predators or in this case birds, and determine whether or not mimicry developedbased on the fact that the birds learned about what was really going on. Mimicry doesn’t always develop,. The predator must be smartiin order to realize that some are tasteful, while others are distasteful. Our predators can determine this by realizing that a color strategy is being put to use. The null hypothesis for this experiment is that if the don’t eat or remove most of the red larvae which happens to be 100%palatable, by the end of the week, then they did not realize that mimicry has occur…

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