Ecological Meaning

The question that is before us is rather complex: What is my life's meaning as an ecological being on the Planet Earth? In this essay, I will attempt to explore three aspects of my life, as they pertain to the environment and the ecological footprint that I have left, and while leave in the future. This will be achieved through exploring three important aspects of my life, as they relate to the environment: Consumption, Career, and Speaking Up.
Thefirst aspect I will explore of my life, as it relates to my ecological footprint, is consumption. How much we consume, can determine a large portion of our environmental impact. As a consumer, I currently spend little time caring about the impact that my purchases and actions have the environment. Perhaps, one thing that I do is have my groceries put into plastic bags, instead of paper bags. This cuts down on the demand for trees to be cut down, for making paper bags. If everyone used plastic bags, the demand for paper bags would go significantly down, in effect, the demand for trees being cut down could go slightly down. However, the creation of plastic for grocery bags also creates waste, which is harmful for the environment. Therefore, there is no easy answer to even the simplest of choices, as they relate to our environment. Whenever I purchase groceries, I usually don't take into account the materials my groceries are packaged in: tins, plastic, paper, cardboard, there is little difference in my mind. Perhaps, a goal for myself should be to explore which of these options is least harmful for our environment, and strive to purchase my food products that are packaged accordingly. One thing that I do consider when I purchase paper for school and for my printer, is whether or not it is recycled. I always try to purchase items that are recycled. Sometimes, they may cost slightly more, but it's worth it. Sometimes I think about this as a long-term investment for my childre…

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