Ecological Footprint

As you read down through my ecological footprint summary, you can see that there is a huge problem with the amount of resources that I use. If everyone lived like me, there would be a need for six and a half planets to keep the system of our vast planet from shutting down.
We all grew up with buzz words like acid rain, ozone layer, global warming, Exxon Valdez, Cheronobyl, and so on. We didn’t have to learn about the environmental movement, we were born into it.
The big reason why you should buy locally produced food is simple,trucks spew exhaust and trucks that travel further spew more exhaust. Favour products that are produced locally less distance means less pollution
It’s a matter of math that a reduced meat lifestyle has less impact on the environment. It takes 4 lbs of cereal grains to make 1 lb of chicken; eating meat is essentially an inefficient way of eating vegetable products. When we eat grains in this manner, much more has to be produced then we really need–that means more pesticides, more water wasted, more transportation, etc. It’s true that a lot of beef cattle just range on grass but there are still the issues of methane (one of the most potent greenhouse gases) from livestock, antibiotics in our food, soil erosion, and the treatment of animals
An “Ecological Footprint” is a measure of the “load” imposed on the natural environment by a given population and represents the land area necessary to sustain current levels of resource consumption and waste discharge by the population. Human activities such as eating, traveling, heating homes, and purchasing consumer items all contribute to ecological footprints.
Yet, the Earth’s population grows by nearly 100 million people each year. And all over the planet ,productive ecosystems and farms are being converted into subdivisions, parking lots, industrial parks, shopping malls and highways – all ecological wastelands.the automobile, fast a

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