The story takes place in a very large forest somewhere in Africa.The time setting is in the early 15th century.There is a small village in eastern Africa.The people were not very educated and had no means of technology whatsoever.They were a hunting and gathering group of people, and they were quite good at that.They hunted with weapons such as spears and bow and arrows.The men were really good hunters and women were there to cook and prepare the winnings of each day. Zenic was one of the best hunters in the village.He was a very strong, quick, and accurate hunter.He usually hunted by himself, and brought back more then enough for his family.So whatever was left over, he gave to anyone in the village who needed it.The village was not a very large one.The population was not more then 40 people, but they all worked together.
This one hot and humid evening, Zenic was out hunting as usual.He was in the forest and noticed a strange and unusual glow up in the sky.He tried to find the source from which the glowing light was coming from.In his travels he saw some strange beings off in the distance.He tried to get a better look, but didn’t want to be noticed, so he stayed hidden as best he could.As he got a closer look, he realized that these beings, standing in front of some sort of ship, were not from his village and began to feel threatened.He then aimed his bow and arrow toward these beings and let one fly.The arrow flew toward its’ target, but the being could sense it and was able to get out of the way in just the nick of time, and was mearly grazed by the arrow.However, it was enough to draw blood.Spooked by this occurrence, the alien beings fled the area, back to there ship and quickly flew away toward the sky.
Zenic gathered himself after this strange event took place, and went to see how he did.He explored the whole area to see how he did.He was reluctant to find onl

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