Eating Disorders and the Media

In today's society people are constantly being bombarded with commercials and advertisements portraying beauty as being thin and flawless. These advertisements come to people from all angles, television, magazines, and billboards. There seems to be an endless stream of ads telling society what to think, what to eat, and how to look. The media relates thinness to happiness, success, love, sex.As some strive for acceptance in society, it follows that individuals would strive to be like those people in that advertisement. After all, they are selling people on what would make a perfect life. Ads lead people to believe that being thin will make them happier and more successful.
Eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia, are becoming all too common. Yet, the question still remains, what are the causes and factors contributing to this destructive behavior, and what kind of impact is the media contributing to these problems. The fashion industry, television, and society’s norms have all promoted a distorted perspective of what a beautiful person is defined as. This leads many impressionable teens, preteens, and young women to distorted body images, and looking for a fix for their flaws. The website speaks of a 50 year study that studied the incidents of anorexia nervosa, and found that the occurrence of anorexia nervosa among 10-19 year old girls and paralleled the change of fashion and its idealized body image. The thin ideal advanced during the times when the rates of anorexia nervosa were highest.
Looking at the television and magazines one can easily notice all of the ads and diet commercials claiming to have to newest and hottest diet.The advertised ideal weight keeps getting progressively thinner.It has stabilized at 13%-19% below the physically expected weight.This weight is unachievable for most and can lead to feelings of lower self worth, depression, and helplessness. Since the media is view as the ;…

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