Eating Disorders

There are many sociological explanations for the many various hypotheses for what are the causes of eating disorders. This essay will try to explain the implications of these explanations and discuss the treatments of eating disorders. Initially, one mustfirst define what an eating disorder is.
An eating disorder is a preoccupation in which one has with the control over eating, their bodyweight, their body image and the food they eat. Eating disorders occur in about 2% of the worlds population, although they are more commonly found in Western societies and among those whose occupations demand a specific body image eg., models, athletes, body builders, gymnasts, dancers and television personalities. There is, unfortunately, no particular cause of any type of eating disorder. To some extent though, there are'sets' of influences that often affect people with these conditions.
Some of these influences are those of feelings of powerlessness. Certain sufferers may develop an eating disorder out of a need to exert control over their lives. Others may be affected by parental attitudes, that the insecurities that a parent may posses may be transferred to the child. This is quite particular in relation to the mother rather than the father. Childhood eating problems is another influence. That children who experience unpleasant meal times and struggles over food as they were growing up are more likely to develop an eating disorder than others who didn't suffer under such consequences. Tying in with family, genetics is yet another influence. An abnormality in the chromosomes can make some people more perceptive to an eating disorder, such as anorexia nervosa, when compared to others. Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are the two most commonly recognised eating disorders. A past history of physical, sexual or mental abuse is also yet another contributing influence. Last but not least, social predominance is one of the b…

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