Eating Disorders

Bulimia and Anorexia, which are found almost solely in females, are rigorous and occasionally overbearing dilemmas to handle in any mental health treatment environment."As many as five out of 100 females with Anorexia die from acute medical problems" ( of these disorders can give rise to intense and persisting harm to a person's well being.Anorexia nervosa takes place when people purposely starve themselves to accomplish a desirable figure.On the other hand, bulimia nervosa is when people ingest food and then dispose their bodies of the remaining calories by using laxatives, exercising compulsively or throwing up.
People who suffer from anorexia, will ultimately damage necessary organs such as the heart and brain due to starvation.To guard itself, the body changes into "slow gear", thereby experiencing long-term irregular or absent menstrual periods, declining pulse, respiration and blood pressure rates and minimal thyroid function.A person's nails and hair become brittle and their skin dries and turns yellow with a soft hair called lanugo.Extreme thirst and continual urination may occur.Yet, dehydration due to the lack of nutrition leads to constipation.Furthermore, less body fat leads to decreasing body temperature and the incapability to resist the cold. Other complications that commonly transpire in anorexia are mild anemia, swollen joints, reduced muscle mass and light-headedness.As the disorder progresses, people may also start to lose calcium from their bones, making them brittle and liable to breakage.Loss of calcium can lead to an early case of osteoporosis.Anorexics can also endure slow, irregular heartbeats, known as bradycardia, and even heart failure.Furthermore, people with extreme cases of anorexia experience nerve damage, seizures, loss of feeling, and disordered thinking."Brain scans indicate that parts of the brain undergo…

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