Eat Healthy Without Going to Extremes

Well, low carb has been all the rage for sometime now although the fad seems to be slowing down somewhat. But not before TV’s spunkiest cook can put her stamp on low carb as Rachael Ray does in her latest book. At 256 pages this is Rachael’s largest book yet.

I’ve never quite been able to get meals done in 30 minutes. i guess it probably helps having good editors and a staff but even at 45 minutes or so I’ve enjoyed every one of Rachael’s books.

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It’s good food where taste is first, not fancy presntation and ingredients that have you haunting exotic food stores to find.

The recipes here are not all that low-carb so don’t be put off by thinking it’s a diet cook book.

It’s just another great one from Rachael where carbs are used in moderation, but not at the sacrifice of taste. Call them good-sense carb recipes as opposed to low-carb. There’s plenty of bread and pasta to be found inside.

With all her books the emphasis is on good food and good food done fast and this one, like the previous ones, is right on the mark. Wonderful Italian and Mexican dishes, burgers, even desserts. And it all comes to you in Rachael’s endearing, homey way of writing that comes across so well on TV. With her new publisher now being a part of Random House, the book is much more well-presented than her previous ones. Bolder colors that stand out and just plain look better.

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