Earth Angels by oscar wilde

I sat there in the darkness a few short years ago, And I wondered what had happened to the man I used to know. And as those thoughts raced through my mind, I wondered what to do…

I heard a voice inside up head, and I knew that it was you. Dear God, I said, please help me, for I think I’ve lost my way. Just help me make it through the night, and through another day. I guess that I was lucky, and so before this story ends, God sent me his Earth Angels, but they’re really just my friends. They’ve given me compassion, their wisdom, and their love– A tiny little miracle from my God above. You’ll probably think I’m silly, there’s no angels in this world. But if you have seen my angels, you’d see they’re very special girls.

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They don’t have halos, and they don’t have wings. They’re just ordinary girls, doing extraordinary things. I’m talking about friendship, in case you haven’t guessed. To have these angels in my life, I truly have been blessed. So thank you for your friendship, for showing me you care. I know that if I need you, I know that you’ll be there. I love you all with all my heart, you’re in my thoughts and prayers. I’ll always be here for you, ’cause I’m the one who cares.

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