Dysfunction and Childhood Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse is defined as the abuse of trust, power and authority that occurs through exposure of a child to sexual behavior and acts (Scott et al, 2011). Understanding the effects of sexual child abuse is critical for psychologist since knowledge of the collective symptoms depicted by adults who were child sexual abuse victims is useful in undertaking appropriate interventions and diagnosis among adult exhibiting pathological problems and symptoms and especially for those adults with histories of abuse. This paper provides an overview of the relationship between child abuse and various adult psychopathology manifestations and specifically touches on various topics including the psychosexual effects of sexual abuse, sexual abuse based on gender, development and social model, suicide, and so on. Extensive research over the years has indicated that child sexual abuse has adverse effects on the variables pertaining to adult psychological outcome and especially on psychological development and emotion well being of the victims as adults. Researchers have also sought to identify various risks that predispose children from given populations to sexual abuse and the way that these factors play a role in influencing the psychological outcomes of the victims as adults, the effects of moderators on the effects of sexual abuse, effects on psychosexual functioning, behavioral, emotional among other aspects.
One major area of adult functioning that is affected by child sexual abuse is psychosexual functioning. Sexual maladjustment behaviors in childhood, adolescence and adulthood, which include an increased preoccupation with sex and sexual risk taking behavior, and compulsive sexual behavior, are for instance widely noted among victims of child sexual abuse (Scott et al, 2011). Other researches have identified that there is a significant correlation between child sexual abuse and psychiatric disorders especially in relation to the sexual …

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