Drugs Use and Abuse: Needle Sharing, HIV and Hepatitis

In addition to the range of health related risks in association with
addiction, the two greatest risks for Heroin Injectors is the risk of
acquiring HIV or any number of the deadly and permanent Hepatitis viruses.
The risks associated with addiction, poor nutrition, dehydration, reduced
kidney and liver function as well as a few others increases the risk of an
individual acquiring, nearly any communicable disease, yet those who are
injecting Heroin also repeatedly directly open their circulatory system to
massive deadly diseases like HIV and Hepatitis. (“The Menace of Heroin,”
In many places needle sharing has been decreased with awareness and
availability campaigns yet it is clear that the sharing of needles still
occurs, as the reduced mental functioning of the user, at the height of
addictive need and in the throws of the high have a reduced sense of
judgment, just as can be said about any mind altering drug. Yet. One of the
biggest drawbacks to intravenous dangers campaigns is that those who use
the drug believe that the negative effects of it are not as many if they
get the e drug through another means, such as smoking or snorting it.
“Between 1992 and 1997, the number of Americans entering treatment
centers for heroin went from 180,000 to 232,000, surpassing cocaine.” (“The
Menace of Heroin,” 1999, p. 2)This increase it is thought is largely due
to anti needle campaigns, which taught users by default better ways to use
the drug and also marketing of the drug sellers, Columbians in particular
selling cheaper and stronger doses if heroin than ever before.
Analyzing the prevalence of HIV infections based on many factors an
list of statistics enters into the picture.Some are more likely than
others to use a clean needle with every injection of heroin, greatly
reducing the risk of acquiring HIV and Hepatitis.
Within the low seroprevalence regions

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