Drugs in America

Illegal drugs have found their way into the heart of American society.They can be found in almost any city or town in the US.They are being used by young, old, rich, and poor people alike.There are many different types of drugs out there and they all seem to have different effects on the user, different prices and quantities, and they all seem to have a different way to get into America.
A drug that has recently burst onto the scene at an alarming rate is MDMA.Also known as ecstasy, E, X, and Adam this drug creates a feeling of euphoria and is described by users as making them "feel good."This drug is usually associated with rave parties, which are all night dance parties usually held in a warehouse or other large buildings.In the early 90's the drug began to become popular in Europe and over the past five years it has come to America with a blazing force.During the late 60's a drug very similar to MDMA was being sold on the streets, MDA, ecstasiesfirst form was a drug that created an easily controlled feeling of euphoria.MDMA is made in a laboratory by altering the existing synthetic drug MDA.Ecstasy is a powder often taken in the form of a pill or capsule, it may also be snorted.Most MDMA is produced in Europe, mainly Belgium and the Netherlands.The drug is also produced on a smaller scale in the US, Canada and Mexico.On average it costs about $.25-$.50 to produce and MDMA pill.Which leaves an incredible profit margin because most consumers will pay $20 for 1 pill.The most common transit points for the drug are Canada and Mexico.Exploiting the use of loose and open boarders between Canada and the US has made the drug easy to smuggle into our country, making it easy to find and very plentiful.The US government has had increased success in seizing the drug.In 1997 approximately 400,000 pills were seized, whereas in 2000 around 90 million tablets were seized.The main reason f…

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