Drug abuse

There are many uses of drugs, such as cure, painkiller and calming agent. However, there are still many people misuse drugs. Some people take drugs for their curiosity. Some people take drugs for fulfilling the exciting feeling. They do not considerate the consequences of intake drugs. They might addict or even die after overtaking drugs. In accordance to the research study of Narcotics Division, Security Bureau of the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, there are nearly 14000 people are reported individual who abuse drugs in 2003. Surprisingly, in this statistic, over 20% of abusers are lower than 21 years old. We can see that drug abuse is a serious problem in Hong Kong. Moreover, the tendency of drug abuse is younger and younger. Actually, there are four main factors contributing the problem of drug abuse in Hong Kong, namely, long-term patients relying on drugs, the cheaper costs of drugs, the influence of peer and the negligence of family.
Firstly, long-term patients relying on drugs is one of factors contributing the problem of drug abuse in Hong Kong. Some long-term patients cannot do the surgery but they need medicine to maintain their life. When they feel painful, doctor may give them prescriptions and they may take pain-killer. If things continue this way, they become depend on pain-killer. It is a kind of drug abuse. In some cases, for women, because of depression and anxiety, doctor may suggest those taking tranquillizers and hypnotics. There is a risk on contributing drug abuse too! Since our body adopt the drugs gradually and lower the efficiency of drug, finally, the patients abuse drugs because they need greater amount of drugs for their cure. Therefore, long-term patients relying on drugs related to the problem of drug abuse in Hong Kong.
Secondly, the cheaper costs of drugs increase the problem of drug abuse in Hong Kong. For youngsters, some of them may not afford the expensive

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