In 2003, almost 74% of adults aged 21 or older reported they had started using alcohol before age 21. How can you expect a law to resonate with the public when the president's own daughter refuses to abide by it?Jenna Bush, the nineteen year old daughter of President George W Bush, is judged to be responsible to vote, drive, marry, serve in the military, have an abortion, incur debt, and be executed (in Texas); then why is she not able to purchase a margarita?The drinking age is an infringement on the rights of 18 year "Adults" across the Nation; they are allowed all other adult responsibilities, except drinking. The law is widely abused because of its unjust nature.As Martin Luther King Jr. once said quoting Saint Augustine, "An unjust law is no law at all." The raising of the drinking age is unjust be cause it denies 18 year old adults the right to drink alcohol, while still holding them to all other adult responsibilities. How can you judge any 18 year old "mature" enough to fight in a war and possibly die in combat, but refuse him the simple pleasure of a beer? How can you say that two eighteen year olds are "mature" enough to be married with all of the responsibilities involved, (bills, children, ect.) and then deny them Champagne on their wedding day? It is ludicrous either to hold such high expectations of teenagers, or to deny said adults a simple pleasure to ease the burden of the heavy responsibilities bestowed on them upon reaching adulthood. As it stands there is a marked discrepancy in how 18 year olds are judged, either they're adults or they're not. If being 21 is the bench mark of maturity, then why not raise all adult responsibilities to that age? No, no one would go for that; because most people do feel that 18 year olds are responsible enough to bear these adult responsibilities. Then our plea is to lawmakers, give 18 year olds the benefit of the doubt a…

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