In 1997, the nation was shaken by the death of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) student, Scott Krueger. Krueger, a freshman, has died from alcohol poisoning with his blood-alcohol level was at five times the legal limit in Massachusetts. Reports from his fraternity brothers showed that he had multiple drinks in a short period of time otherwise known as binge drinking.(Kellogg) This particular situation, along with incidents from other different colleges and universities, has urged a national discussion about college alcohol abuse and to be more specific — binge drinking. The Journal of the American Medical Association has done a study that demonstrated how frequent binge drinkers have a much higher occurrence of problems than even those who occasionally binge and much greater rate than those who drink fairly moderately. (Buddy T) According to Primary Influence, frequent binge drinkers at college were 22 times more likely than non-binge drinkers to have problems, such as missed classes, falling behind in school work, drinking and driving, and engaging in unplanned sexual activity. (Primary Influence) But the question is, who and what exactly is a binge drinker?
Binge drinking is defined as the usage of four or more drinks for women, and five or more drinks for men in two hour setting. This is the estimated amount of alcohol needed to increase the standard sized person's blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to about 0.10%, which is the amount of alcohol consumption that would raise the presumption of intoxication. (College Binge Drinking) The profile of binge drinkers are hard to categorize, but however, there are several factors that can predict which students are most likely to be binge drinkers. The most important factor is if the student were binge drinkers back in high school, because they are almost three times more likely to be binge drinkers in college. The other predictors are included in the following: R

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