Drilling in the ANWR

Drilling for Oil in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge
Remaining controversial since its conception, the Artic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) was signed into federal law by President Richard Nixon in 1973(Krasnow).The ANWR is composed of nineteen million acres, including the controversial area of 1.5 million coastal plain (Sub-Driver).This area is home to the Gwich'in tribe, Inupiat tribe, polar bears, caribou, Moose, King Salmon, American Bison, Killer Whales, Sea Lions and other wildlife and plants.Supports of drilling in the artic often say the refuge is estimated to contain up to sixteen billion barrels of oil (A.P.N.).While the United States Geological Survey says there are about three billion and would only last the United States six months (A.P.N.).However, The ANWR federal law states that the only way to get authorization to explore for oil and extract it is through Congress.Republicans say Alaskan drilling will create tens of thousands of jobs, and backers say the refuge could produce one million in peak production (Holland).In the United States, we use about nineteen million barrels a day and we import about sixty percent of that (Holland).
During his 2000 presidential campaign, George W. Bush announced his support for drilling oil in the ANWR, and now as president, he is trying to get his amendment through Congress.After passing the House of Representatives, attached to a larger energy bill, the amendment has stalled in the Senate.Now the White House is aggressively trying to push the legislation through, and heated rhetoric proliferates.
In Steve Holland's article named "Bush Says U.S. Needs to Drill for Oil in Alaska", he stated that the republicans are generally on President Bush's side, and the Democrat's are environmentally safe minded.The bill for Drilling in Alaska is having a hard time passing through the senate, and the United States people still don'…

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