Have you ever felt so anxious and nervous that you would go to any extreme to relieve that feeling?Well, downers are drugs that many people use to relax and bring themselves down from feeling anxious or nervous.These drugs not only make you feel less anxious or nervous but they depress the central nervous system and produce a relaxing to sleep-inducing effect depending on the drug dose that is taken.Downers also slow down and depress the level of arousal in the brain by slowing down the nerve cells in the central nervous system, dull thinking abilities and reduce inhibitions.
Downer drugs are not all that bad.Some of these drugs are used for medical reasons, actually prescribed by doctors.Some of the sicknesses that downers are used to treat include insomnia, to help manage anxiety, to reduce convulsiveness, and for neuromuscular disorders.They are most often prescribed today as tranquilizers and sleeping pills.Some examples of tranquilizers are Valium, Librium, and Xanax.Some examples of sleeping pills include Dalmane, Halcion, and Resoril.It is said that over the last decade an estimated six hundred million prescriptions were processed for minor tranquilizers in the United States pharmacies alone.
Downers, which were once thought to be the perfect sedative for the terminally nervous, insomniacs, epileptics, mental patients and also used for anesthesia before surgery is now found to be very addictive.
Downers as a whole have many risks and side effects to their users.Being downers are a depressant, they reduce cognitive and motor skills and decrease judgment and increase reaction time (meaning the time it takes to react increases.)Subtle effects can continue for hours or days after the use of downers because of the length of time it takes to break down some depressants in the body.Because of a very high abuse to downers, manufactures now warn users against using sleeping pills for more than a week …

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