Down syndrome

Down syndrome is a chromosomal disorder that results when a person inherits all or part of an extra copy of chromosome 21.This can occur in a variety of ways, the causes of which are unknown.The most common chromosomal abnormality that produces Down syndrome (accounting for 95% of all cases) is Trisomy 21, a defect in which an extra, third copy chromosome is present in every cell in the body. According to Parenting Magazine the number of Down syndrome births is relatively low for 18-yr-old mothers-1 in about 2100 births.In the later childbearing years the risk in creases-1 in 1000 births for 30-yr-old women to 1 in about 100 births for 40-yr-old women.Two other chromosomal abnormalities cause Down syndrome and occur in about 4-to-5% of all cases.Thefirst, translocation, takes place when a child inherits a small, extra piece of the 21st chromosome is attached to another chromosome.Mosaic Down Syndrome results from a second type abnormality in which only some cells in the body have an extra chromosome.These conditions were formerly known as "Mongolism" because the features of people with Down syndrome resemble Mongolian Asians.
Many babies with Down syndrome have certain physical characteristics, which are common.These signs occur in up to 80% of all cases.Some of these traits are: the eyes have an upward and outward slant, there is a fold of the skin on the inner side of the eye, the face has a flat appearance, the head is smaller than average, the ears are smaller and lower set, the legs and arms are short in relation to the body, there is poor muscle tone and reflexes tend to be weaker.If a child has six to ten signs, the doctor can be almost certain that the child has Down syndrome. Many times parents wonder what their Down syndrome baby will be like.Mayo Clinic Family health book says, "Your baby will be like a baby.He/she will be 100% reliant on you for everything.They will eat, sle…

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