Dow Corning Breast Implants

Dow Corning, a subsidiary of Dow Chemical, was severely impacted by its own negligence in marketing silicone breast implants. Despite the fact that Dow Corning had been considered on eof the most ethical and progressive corporations in the world, even Dow was not immune to ethical corruption. Absolute power has the ability to corrupt absolutely. In the beginning, Dow had complete control of the breast implant market. As Dow began to lose this control of the market, it began to make some poor decisions. Those decisions impacted Dow financially, impacted many consumers, and determined the future of silicone breast implants.
Silicone breast implants were originally designed by Dow Corning in the early 1960's. Thefirst breast implants were implanted inside a human being in 1962. In the beginning, silicone breast implants were used almost exclusively for mastectomy patients. However, two forces were at work to change this. Thefirst force was the increasing number of surgeons in the plastic surgery profession. Doctors were attracted to the field of plastic surgery because of the regular working hours, affluent customers, and high profits. Yet the plastic surgery field was growing faster than demand required. A new market had to be created to satisfy plastic surgeons. Secondly, the availability of new softer, more pliable implants, that could be inserted using smaller incisions with less trauma to the patient, made breast implants less expensive and more attractive to the consumer.
In an effort to increase the demand for plastic surgery, plastic surgeons began a new marketing strategy. This strategy was to convince women that breast implants where the latest
physical enhancement designed to make small-breasted women appear more feminine and beautiful. Consumers were bombarded with ads showing voluptuous breasted women, compliments of a local plastic surgeon. Plastic surgeons also began a campaign to redefine female flat-ch…

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