What is yourfirst thought that comes to mind when someone says Princess Diana or Diana, Princess of wales? First, maybe tragedy, love or maybe even scandal comes to mind. I am going to try to tell you a little about her and her life. Princess Diana was born to frances roche daughter of a Baron. She was born on July 1, 1961. She was born in Sandringham Northfolk, England. She had 2 older sisters Sarah and Jane Spencer and one Brother Charles. They lived a life of luxury spendingtheir early years at a park house, a 10 room mansion on the queens country estate in Sandringham Northfolk England, where Diana was born. The boy next door was her future husband Charles. He was 12 years older then her so she played with other royal children her age like his brother Prince Andrew and Edward. Diana's privileged upbringing didn't guarantee her a happy childhood. In 1969 her parents dragged all the children thru a bitter divorce.She and her brother charles were being pulled back and forth thru their parents problems. Diana's father Earl Spencer won the custody battle of the children so when Diana was 13 she and her brother and sisters moved to the Spencer family home a 14,000 acre country estate 75 miles north of London. At age 16 Diana and charles paths crossed once again. He was 28 and she 16. 2 years later at age 18 she moved to London and found workfirst as a nanny and then as a kindergarten teacher. Then in the summer of 1980 a phone call came that would begin to change her life forever. It was Prince Charles asking her for a date. She watched the Prince play polo and spent time with him on the royal yact. Soon Diana was officially seeing him this meant dealing with the press. Can you imagine everytime you came out of the having 20 or 30 cameras flashing in your face? But no matter what she did the press just couldn't get enough of her. Just six months after their polo outing Charles proposed to Diana after a candle …

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