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It is commonplace to hear talks of differences in sexual behaviour amongst homosexual active white men. The question is what about research specifically concentrated on the investigation of ethnic gay me? These talks illustrate a persistently voiced concern about ethnic diversity within homosexual active men in Britain.The aim of this commentary is to provide a focused distillation ofavailable research evidence in particular areas of interest and demonstrate through the documents research pertinent. With the support of Peter M. Davies and Ford C.I. Hickson’s book “Sex, Gay men and AIDS” the material will help me conclude on this topic.

There is clearly a potentially limitless range of issues related to ethnic diversity. This essay will attempt to provide a framework by which the relevance of ethnic diversity to Aids can be determined rather than provide an exhaustive list of issues and how they relate to Aids and sexually active men. Not all ethnic diversity will be relevant to Aids but they may be appropriate to other areas of health promotion. “Sex, Gay men and AIDS” is an important book which brings together the project of SIGMA, this study collected detailed information on sexual behaviour from over 1000 gay and bisexual men over a four year period.

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In reference to document A sexual experience with a man, overall, 0.7% of men in study declined to answer the question asked, according to NSSAL sources. This was surprisingly found in ethnic groups, although very much varied in context. With men in Asian group being much more likely to decline to respond. Of those who did respond the document shows that men in the Asian were least likely to have had a male sexual partner in the last five years. The figures in the last column gives the range of homosexual active men in each group, from assuming non of those who did not respond had a male partner, to assuming all of them had. Document A illustrates thedifficulty in investigati…

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