Dolphins are playfuland cleverness make them fascinating to watch .
Dolphins are not fish they are mammals that live in the sea .They have to come
to the top of the water every half minute , sothey can breathe . But dolphins can
stay under the water for six or seven minutes ,if he holds his breath . The dolphin
breathes in his head because he has a blow hole in his headthat allows himto
breathe. Dolphins have a lot of teeth to help them
eat. Each dolphin has almost one hundred teeth in his mouth all the same size and
shape . The only work the teeths have is catching food , but not chewing it. First
the dolphin catches a fishthen he swallows it .
A dolphin has a good eye . But sometimes he can’t see very well in the water
because is so full of shadows , and mud , and plantsthat grow at he bottom .
The dolphin uses his ears so much it is hard to see his hears . They are located in
the sides of his heads and are two tiny pin holes .The dolphin can hear very
well . A dolphin sleeps a foot or two below the top of the water . Hetakes little
naps every half minute or so he moves his tail up and down .This brings him up
for a breath of air . Then he drifts down and sleeps some more . Some dolphins
stay together they play and learn and grow up . One reason they stay together is
the enemiesin the sea.The Sharkis their enemyand so is the Killer Whale .If
a killer whale comes close , the dolphins make a circle . The female dolphins and
their babies are in the middle of the circle . The male dolphins swim around the
outside of the cicle . It is hard to attack when there is a bunch of dolphins . But
sometimes the enemy attacks and the dolphins attack back .
When a dolphincries for help the other dolphin comes to help . One day
some dolphins were playing around abig boat they did flips in the water and
jumped high in the air . But one dolphin was jumping to…

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