Dolphins and Sharks

Do you like dolphins and sharks? I love them. I believe they are great. Dolphins and sharks are enigmatic and mysterious animals. There are similarities and differences between them. For example, they are alike because both live in the sea and oceans, they help to cure people, and they have a similarity in the way the hunt their prey. However, dolphins and sharks also are different because one can be training while the other cannot, they do not eat the same, and also their skin is different.
There are similarities between dolphins and sharks. One comparision between them is that both of them live on the sea and oceans. These animals share their habitat. This means that they share things like space and even food. If the sharks are small they do not attack dolphins because dolphins will attack them. Another similarity that these animals have is that in their own way both help to cure people. Dolphins help people by therapy for autistic children, cancer patients, and people with chronic back pain. Also, sharks help people by their cartilage. The cartilage is use for cancer research and as skin replacement for burn victims. Finally, both animals have almost the same way to eat. Dolphins eat a variety of fish that they hunt. When they have a lot of fish present they become together to catch them. They do this by communicating with one another. In addition, sharks do the same thing. They do not are “lone killers” like people believe they are. A lot of sharks’ species are small animals not enormous like many people think. This is the reason why many species feed in groups. Consequently, they can control prey that is bigger than them.
Dolphins and sharks do not have just similarities but also differences. One diversity between dolphins and sharks have is that one can be train while the other cannot. Dolphins can be trained to swim with people or to make shows. For example, they are training to say hi, to jump inside a circle,…

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