Dolphin and Human characteristic

Since the beginning of life, people have been changing. The way we dress, act, live, and communicate have evolved throughout time. People are very amazing, especially when we do various dangerous stunts.People are friendly, that's why we have pets. For example, A dog is a man's favorite pet. This results that man loves animal. The way animal love humans. Animals are very intelligent, they can learn things very quickly. I honestly think dolphins have the similarity of a person.
Dolphins should be considered a person. There are so many things that are in common. First of all, Dolphins behave exactly like a person. Humans give birth to a child which takes 9 months and dolphins give birth to a child which takes 12 months. Just as a person, a dolphins breeds its child. By the way, dolphins are mammals like humans. Also, surprisingly, dolphins live in groups which are their family. Humans live in families as well. They also have emotions that can affect their living, just like humans. Plus, dolphins don't harm humans, however they can easily kill us. This shows us the bond between dolphins and humans.
The brain of a dolphin is similar to a human brain than any other animal. The brain of a dolphin is a bit bigger than ours. Dolphins are very brilliant animals. They can pick things up very easily. When you teach a dolphin something, they can learn it very quickly. Dolphins communicate in a way where they whistle instead of speaking like us because they don't have vocal cords.
Dolphins have emotions. It depends on how their feeling. For example, If a dolphin is very happy they can do many stunts like flips. Humans in the other hand, when they are happy, we might go to a party and enjoy ourselves. Dolphins use sonic waves to communicate and see the world around them. A dolphin might use their sonic wave to sense a animal that might be near by. T…

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