Does Claustrophobia cause people to deviate from confined areas

Does Claustrophobia Cause People to Deviate from Confined Areas?References
Does Claustrophobia cause people to deviate from confined areas? The independent variable is claustrophobia, and the dependent variable is the confined areas. Our hypothesis to this question is yes claustrophobia can be cured and reduced by cognitive behavioral therapy.The issue of claustrophobia is very important due to its impact on an individuals everyday life, since it affects a number of individuals throughout the world.A phobia is an anxiety disorder that is shown by an irrational fear of confined spaces.This phobia can cause a person to stay away form confined spaces such as a crowded store, sporting and social events, as well as elevators that could bring on this irrational fear.In society this can cause a person not to take part in certain events.This phobia can also lead to the interference with riding on public transportation such as a plane, train, bus or subway. In this our findings will be evident by the research provided. Each of these specific statements below, will help draw a conclusion about claustrophobia:
1) Fear of Restriction and Suffocation
2) The Reduction of Claustrophobia(Part 1)
3) The Reduction of Claustrophobia (Part 2)
4) Virtual Reality Treatment of Claustrophobia
Claustrophobic fear is a combination of the fear of suffocation and the fear of confinement. The view on this topic is supported from the responses from a questionnaire done before, during, and after a MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan was performed. Patients who successfully completed a MRI scan found they experienced fear of confinement not suffocation.These MRI scans were done in long narrow cylindrical chambers, which are dark and restrictive as well as noisy. Although you are not in a sealed chamber, you can literally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Some other chambers that were used in other experiments were enclosed, and rest…

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