do we know why some men are gay

Gay is the term used to describe males that are homosexual. Numerous studies have looked into the origins of homosexuality in males where largely biological or social explanations have been used. The view of homosexuality being the deviant and heterosexuality as being the norm has had a great impact on research approaches. However such evidence is far from conclusive.
Kinsey et al (1948) found in a survey that 4 per cent of males were homosexual and 37% of males had any least one homosexual experience that lead to an orgasm. They believe that sexual orientation was a continuum that ranged from exclusively homosexual to exclusively heterosexual.
However, Cass (1990) argues that it places more focus on behaviour as opposed to sexual identity. It can be argued that this is a misleading indicator of sexual orientation because the person may only engage in heterosexual behaviour but identify him or herself as being homosexual. Money (1988) believes that sexual orientation is determined early in life.
But the studies such as Sander’s et al (1990) showed that sexual orientation may switch from homosexual to heterosexual and back again.
Psychoanalytic approach view homosexuality arising from disturbed parent child relationships. Bieber et al (1962) administered questionnaires to male homosexual patients regarding their family relationship. They found that fathers were likely to be hostile and/or distant whilst mothers dominant close binding and intimate. However, a sample of gay patients is not a representative sample of the gay population as a whole.
But Evans (1969) with the sample of non-patients supported Bieber et al’s finding showing the mother as close and the father as detached. However Bene (1965) found that the chance homosexual males having an over protecting or strongly attached mother were the same as heterosexuals. Siegelman (1974) supports this further where he found that homosexual and heterosexual males with low…

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