Do Dreams Have Any Meaning in Our Lives

Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung were both early researchers in the field of neuro psychology and the study of dream patterns associated with sleep.Although not all of Freud and Jung's theories have withstood the test of time, without their groundbreaking research our conscious and unconscious might never have been explored.With the aid of Freud and Jung, these sleep stages can be interpreted to further the human understanding of dreams.
A dream consists of three parts: latent content, the dreamwork and the manifest content (Adams & Victor 332).A dream has no meaning independent of the dreamer.Dreams are the part of id, which have been excluded from the consciousness and are part of normal psychic functioning (Brenner 215).Sigmund Freud prized dreams as the highest source of useful information in analysis.He said interpretations of dreams were the most direct access to a patient's unconscious mental life (Brenner 180).His greatest theory was that "wish-fulfillment is the meaning of each and every dream, and based upon a childhood wish" ( felt that bizarre dreams stemmed from sexual and aggressive content derived from childhood…(
Freud was able to compile a few examples of such wish-fulfillment dreams from his own children, even though most of his studies were actually based on his work with adult patients (Freud 333-334).Freud's 19-month old daughter had a wish-fulfillment sleeptalking episode over strawberries.She had an upset stomach and her parents denied her the berries because they felt that was the cause of her upset stomach.She uttered the phrase "stwaberries, stwaberries, Anna wants some stwaberries," while asleep (Freud 336).
Sigmund Freud analyzed his own dreams and wrote about them in his work, The Interpretation of Dreams.He found that he could manipulate himself into having the same dream repeatedly, by…

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