DNA: The New Fingerprint

DNA testing is a new technology with limitless applications, especially in the field of forensic science. It is a daunting task to keep up with the samples of DNA and the information obtained from those samples. DNA testing can be a useful tool for law enforcement, but if not properly regulated it can have ill effects for law biding citizens. There needs to be a system in place with laws and protocols on how this new technology will be most efficiently used.
DNA testing is going to be an essential part of Law Enforcement due to the amazing success rate. According to the article Expand database carefully, "DNA has put thousands of criminals behind bars and cleared 127 people falsely convicted since 1986". Thanks to DNA testing, violent criminals such as the one that attacked Trisha Meili, a rape victim, have been brought to justice.Thanks to DNA testing wrongly accused people who have been in jail for years can be exonerated and criminals who might have gotten away will be caught. Due to the validity given to DNA testing there is no doubt that it will help in such cases where circumstantial evidence only exists.
Since DNA testing is catching on so quickly there is a backlog of samples that could take years to test if something is not done quickly. In 2000 DNA crime laboratories received about 31,000 subject cases, an increase from almost 21,000 cases in 1999. Forty-five percent of laboratories reported contracting private laboratories to do forensic DNA testing in 2000.At the beginning of 2001, 81% of DNA crime laboratories had backlogs totaling 16,081 subject cases and 265,329 convicted offender samples. Janet Reno in 2000 needed $15 million to clear up the backlog. Now they say $1 billion is needed to reduce the backlog.Where is the money going and how much is going to be needed n the future? The author has the right point when he talks about possible abuses of DNA testing.Not only are states and federal governm…

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